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Inn and Restaurant on the A9

Great View of Harbour & Castle

Favourite  John O’Groats  Stop

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Sample Menu

Chicken Rob Roy

Breast of chicken filled with haggis with a cream, mustard & whisky sauce

Fillet of Salmon

Served with lemon parsley butter & selection of potatoes & vegetables

Homemade Steak Pie

Tender beef braised in ale in a rich gravy topped with puff pastry, served with

vegetables and a choice of potatoes or fries

Chicken Curry

Today’s curry served with rice & naan bread

Fresh Scrabster Haddock

Beer battered fillet of local haddock served with salad garnish and French fries

Golden Scampi

Whole tail breaded scampi, deep fried and served with salad garnish and French fries

Macaroni Cheese

Served with salad garnish & chips

Or choose from the grill... Steak Burger or Sirloin, Fillet or  Rib-Eye Steak Cooked as you like, served with french fries, tomato, mushrooms, onion rings


Meringue Nest with Fresh Strawberries, Ice Cream & Whipped Cream

Cheesecake of the Day

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Fresh Fruit Salad

The above sweets are served with a choice of cream or ice cream or both!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Served with a choice of sauce


SNACK MENU - Served 12 noon to 2:30pm

Gourmet Baguettes

Served on a 10” baguette with a salad garnish

Smoked Salmon & Prawn

Chicken B L T

Sliced chicken, bacon, lettuce & Tomato

Baked Potatoes

Cheese, Baked Beans & Cheese, Tuna Mayonnaise, Chicken Curry Prawns Marie Rose

Served with a salad garnish & coleslaw



Cheese & Onion/Tomato

Cheese & Ham

Cheese, Haggis & Bacon

Cheese, Chicken & Bacon

Brie & Cranberry

Served with salad garnish & coleslaw


Prawn Cocktail

Norwegian prawns with a Marie rose sauce with salad garnish & brown bread

Breaded King Prawns

Served with a sweet chilli dip

Melon & Fruit

Fanned melon with fresh fruit drizzled with a strawberry coulis

Pate & Oatcakes

Served with salad garnish & chutney

Smoked Salmon & Prawns

Served with salad garnish & brown bread

Salads - Cheese & Fruit, Prawn Marie Rose, Chicken & Ham